A self-drive 7-seater car rental in Vietnam is an option that brings many benefits and enjoyable moments when traveling. So where will be a reliable address for tourists to rent a car? What is the cost? Do not miss the article with useful information mentioned below!

1. Advantages of renting a self-drive 7-seater car in Vietnam 

Independent travel and experiences with self-designed journeys will mark a special milestone in your youth. Besides the moment of traveling on a motorbike, but it is somewhat inconvenient and a bit dangerous for weak riders, the choice of a 7-seater car rental in Vietnam should be considered. So why should you give a priority to using a self-drive 7-seater car? 

Freedom to experience the trip

A 7-seater car rental is highly suitable when traveling with family or groups and friends. Depending on their needs and condition, tourists can drive themselves or hire a driver.

Visitors are free to experience the trip
Visitors are free to experience the trip

This will be an interesting, impressive and quite new experience. In the past, most people would choose a booking tour and follow the instructions and arrangement of the tour guide. However, with a self-drive car, visitors will have free time to experience and choose the destinations themselves.

Cost savings

The cost of renting a 7-seater car in Vietnam is considered to be much cheaper than other forms of tour booking. There is nothing better than being able to travel by means of transport that is both fast, safe and affordable.

Most importantly, when renting a car, visitors do not need to worry about repair or maintenance costs. Providers will always ensure all problems before signing the contract.


Autonomy in terms of time

When signing a car rental contract, visitors will be able to choose a time to pick up and deliver the car. At the same time, during the trip, when going to beautiful places, you can stop to enjoy the scenery or experience the services along the road.

Renting a car to travel, visitors can be more independent in terms of time 
Renting a car to travel, visitors can be more independent in terms of time

This is the favorite thing of tourists, because they do not need to follow the pre-established route. Sometimes, unexpected choices will bring the most memorable experiences. 

2. 7-seater car rental service at Gobooyaa – a perfect choice for the trip

 Gobooyaa is the connecting unit, bringing travelers the best suggestions during the booking process. We realize the inadequacies in finding self-sufficient cars for tourists, especially foreign tourists. Therefore, Gobooyaa will be the direct bridge to help you contact and book a car as quickly as possible.

Gobooyaa’s customer service team and consultants always actively support customers. With the desire to help you have the most enjoyable, meaningful and safest trip, the unit always accompanies and supports you to solve any problems.

The unit is confident that the convenient and optimal payment policy ensures the interests of hirers. Meanwhile, the exchange or cancellation of the vehicle will be made explicitly at the request of the customer.

Renting a car at Gobooyaa to feel secure in every journey
Renting a car at Gobooyaa to feel secure in every journey

3. The price list of 7-seater car rental in Vietnam

The price of renting a 7-seater car in Vietnam depends on many factors such as rental time,  location, area, and car label. Therefore, before hiring, tourists should learn about the rental units as well as their operating policies. In general, in provinces and cities throughout Vietnam, the rental price for a 7-seater car will range from 1.5 million to 5.5 million dong.

The 7-seater car rental service in Vietnam brings tourists many benefits and is gradually becoming the recommended choice for experience today. However, to ensure your interests, take the time to learn about rental units. If there is no suitable suggestion, please contact Gobooyaa for advice and support. Gobooya always accompanies tourists with amazing trips.

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