Our Story

Hi, my name is Loc and I am the founder of Gobooyaa. I love travelling on my way, explore authentic experiences and create lasting memories. In 2019, I had a trip with my small family to Bangkok, Thailand with a very flexible itinerary, our hotel was about 15 mins drive to downtown Bangkok. one evening we wanted to book a small private van to go to our favorite local restaurant and see many places in dowtown. The hotel concierge offered quite expensive price, and I spent some time finding on google but had problem with barrier language as could not compare the fair local price. Grab did not have small van and even so Grab only offered from A to B, not flexible in between. Then we ended up with booking Tuktuk right in front of the hotel with the help of bellman. On the way back to hotel that night, we paid double price from another Tuk Tuk. That was a pain-point that many free and independent tourists have got same I believe.


Then when Covid-19 hit us in 2020 , it not only slowed down all of us, made us care more about our health, but changed the way we want to travel. People tend to go to local places and do things with a very flexible itinerary. They like quality over quantity and whatever they want to do, they need a private transportation. And remember the Bangkok experience , it gets me excited and inspired to help free and independent tourists book safe private transportation with local price, hassle free and faster in Vietnam. 


With that determination, I received support from two friends, together we establish Gobooyaa company in Feb, 2021.

Meaning of our name and logo

Travel your way better

The name and logo are born after we have found the mission to add great values to Travel Community.

1. The name – Gobooyaa is from Go and Booyaa. In US Army, Booyaa means Trying Harder – Doing Your Best, so we want to name it shorter and easier for everyone to call it. For us, it means Be Better.

2. The Logo – It has 2 meanings: one is the year 2020 the idea is born, the second means the connections of 2 number 2s between tourists and drivers on the wheels. 


We connect travelers seeking unique local experiences with local providers offering safe and reliable private transportation in Vietnam.

Gobooyaa represents Core Values

If Gobooyaa was a human, It would represent these Values: Passion – Adventure – Integrity – Creation – Flexibility and Connection.


The Law of Attraction, Gobooyaa attracts founders, investors, and our team who have one of above values. We commit to make it Reality!!!

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