Car rental app is an effective method for individuals or families who want to make trips without transportation. However, this app has not been popular with many people. Now, let’s find out what is a car rental app and its benefits for us? Let’s check them out in the article below!

1. What is a car rental application?

Nowadays, ride-hailing and car booking applications have become popular in Vietnam, meeting the needs of people. Accordingly, car rental apps are also developed and bring many benefits to users. 

Car rental application is a product created to give customers new and private travel experiences with quality and reputable cars. In particular, the options are quite diverse, and the price can change depending on the needs of each person.

You need to register before using the rental application because personal data is necessary information to be able to rent, experience, and use a car.

What is a car rental application? 
What is a car rental application?

2. What are the benefits of a car rental application?

Car rental apps can be effective in many cases. Simply, when customers need a car for easier moving or want to go on a trip or picnic with their family without any vehicles, it will be a perfect choice. Moreover, this app also brings many other benefits as follows

  • The diverse needs of all customers such as hanging out, shopping, traveling, and experiencing will be met.
  • It’s a useful solution for emergencies: car breakdown, trouble, no means of transportation.
  • It can bring users new, private, and convenient driving experiences.
  • Customers can use different types of cars via the app without spending too much.
  • There are interesting promotions and discounts that make customers comfortable when using the app.
Car rental app brings a lot of awesome benefits
Car rental app brings a lot of awesome benefits

3. The best car rental applications in Vietnam 

Today, a number of car rental apps have been developed in Vietnam. Here are some of the best applications trusted and used over the years.

3.1. Gobooyaa

Gobooyaa provides prestigious and quality car rental service, ensuring to bring customers  diverse and interesting journeys. Some special features only at Gobooyaa: 

  • Offering unlimited variety of choices: with more than 200 reputable and verified suppliers for different types of vehicles in more than 30 provinces, cities and islands, Gobooyaa ensures fast car rental service anywhere anytime.  
  • Bringing customers personalized experiences: follow your favorite route, we make it easier and better to discover local experiences. That is the motto of Gobooyaa.
  • Clear and transparent payment method: with a clear cancellation and exchange policy, Gobooyaa will receive payment when the trip ends with your satisfaction.
  • Encouraging customers to share experiences: your feedback on Gobooyaa will be public and unedited for a better travel community.
Gobooyaa - reputable and quality car rental service
Gobooyaa – reputable and quality car rental service

With all of the above advantages, choosing a car rental app from Gobooyaa is not a bad idea, right?

3.2. Grab 

Grab is known as one of the “big guys” in the motorbike taxi market in Vietnam. Grab provides the main types of services: Grabtaxi (taxi service with reasonable fee), Grabbike (service for busy people who need to move quickly), GrabExpress (safe delivery service), Grabfood (food delivery service), etc. Besides, there is also Grabcar: a private car service for passengers who want a private ride. This service is not very popular in Vietnam, but it has some certain advantages and unique features when experiencing. 

3.3. Be 

Like Grab, in spite of entering the Vietnam market in December 2019, Be has received a lot of support, trust and satisfaction from Vietnamese customers. 

The ride-hailing application Be focuses on the main service that is: Be Bike, a motorcycle ride-hailing service to connect and support customers who need to travel by motorbike with driver partners, the service is similar to GrabBike of Grab or Go-Bike of Go-Viet.

Besides, Becar: a car-hailing service for customers who need a private travel experience is also very popular.

Above are our shares about the car rental application. Hope this article has partly answered your questions about this app. Thank you for your reading and hope you have interesting experiences on all roads.

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