Traveling is a great way to strike a balance in life and recharge your batteries. Stemming from that fact, a number of agencies providing car rental service are growing strongly. In particular, the car rental platform Gobooyaa is a wonderful choice that you should not miss.

1. About Gobooyaa 

The car rental service Gobooya was established with the mission of connecting tourists with the safe and quality private transportation providers. Founded in February 2021, Gobooyaa is proud to be one of the leading transport connection platforms in Vietnam. Owning more than 200 diverse private transportation providers spreading across 30 provinces, cities, and famous islands for tourism throughout the S-shaped land, Gobooyaa will bring you the most unique and interesting experiences.

Gobooyaa connects tourists with hundreds of local transport providers
Gobooyaa connects tourists with hundreds of local transport providers


2. Why should you choose Gobooyaa car rental service

Visitors can totally feel secure when choosing Gobooyaa car rental service. Not only is Gobooyaa easy, convenient, and proactive in your time, but it also helps you to have a safe and reliable choice for a perfect discovery journey.

Reasonable cost

When choosing a car rental service, you will only need to pay travel money or extra tolls (if any). Meanwhile, if you buy a private car or self-driving car, in addition to the fixed costs, you will need to consider maintenance costs, oil changes, repairs, insurance premiums, etc. Therefore, in general, renting a tourist car is both quick and saves a pretty big amount of money. You don’t have to worry about passing through the crowds and be flexible in your travel time.

Meet the diverse needs of customers

An outstanding advantage that you should take into consideration when choosing to rent a car at Gobooyaa is diversity. Not only diverse in the model or type of car seat, Gobooyaa also offers a variety of means of transportation. In addition to familiar road vehicles such as motorbikes and cars, Gobooyaa car rental service also connects you to local canoe and boat rental agencies with preferential costs and good quality.

Cars for rent at Gobooya are rich in designs, meeting various customer needs
Cars for rent at Gobooya are rich in designs, meeting various customer needs

Dedicated care and support service

In fact, we often encounter feedback about poor quality car rental, unprofessional and non-transparent support services. Understanding the concerns and worries of customers when looking for car rental services, Gobooyaa will be the one to listen and suggest to you the most suitable solution. More than a platform connecting travelers with transportation providers, Gobooyaa will always accompany you on every journey to discover and conquer new lands.

3. Reviews of customers using Gobooyaa car rental service

Proud to be a bridge that helps visitors find comfort and convenience to move anywhere, anytime, Gobooyaa car rental service has received a number of positive customer reviews and feedback. Below are some of the most typical comments from domestic and international visitors. Gobooyaa hopes this will be the basis and the foundation for future customers to put their trust in our service.

Customer reviews of Gobooyaa car rental platform
Customer reviews of Gobooyaa car rental platform


Tourist Bich Le: “Although I booked the car quite close to the departure date due to an unexpected work schedule, they responded very quickly. The driver is very friendly, professional and knows the road really well. I will introduce more friends to Gobooyaa.”


Tourist Thanh Mai: “I am very satisfied with the Gobooyaa car rental service. I rented a 4-seater car for the whole family and it was spacious and clean. The cost was reasonably-priced and transparent.”


Tourist Ngoc Minh: “Excellent. My company organized a company trip and booked a car through Gobooyaa service. They received the request and responded really quickly. Reputable angency with affordable prices. Professional service quality.”


Tourist James: “I decided to go to Nha Trang with my wife. Book the entire vehicle on Gobooyaa. Reasonable cost, enthusiastic support.”

Car rental for traveling is not a new concept today. However, choosing a reputable car booking and rental agency is one of the factors you need to pay attention to. If you have an idea for your self-guided tour, please visit and post your request. The Gobooyaa car rental support team will take care of your needs and connect you to the top quality local car rental agencies.

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